5 benefits of playing games that surprise many people

Playing games is an entertainment activity that is very familiar to people around the world. However, a large number of people always have negative prejudices about the harmful effects this brings. However, Okvip The casino will show you 5 benefits of playing games, information that may surprise many individuals.
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Increases reflexes and ability to observe surroundings 

In a document published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports about benefits of playing games, those with extensive experience, especially in the action game genre, have been noted to have keen observation abilities and faster reflexes than other players.

When participating in action or strategy games, players must demonstrate mastery between hands and eyes to perform flexible reactions. At the same time, these games also challenge and stimulate the brain’s ability to analyze and handle situations quickly in the context of the game.

Benefits of playing games – Training perseverance and teamwork 

Taking on the challenges that games offer can help you develop patience, an important factor in overcoming difficulties or succeeding in games. In particular, in team strategy games, players will have the opportunity to improve teamwork, strategic thinking, and smooth coordination and synchronization.

If you look at it The benefits of playing games, we can think of it as a similar environment when we work. In the game, there are individuals who act as leaders, giving strategies and guiding the entire group in the right direction. At the same time, there are always members ready to support and accompany teammates to overcome all difficulties and challenges.

Develop your mind and potential imagination 

In 2011, the University of Michigan (USA) conducted a study with remarkable results: benefits of playing games is not only an entertaining activity but also makes a significant contribution to the development of personal creativity. While there may be good reasons to prevent children from being exposed to electronic devices, you need to understand that this cannot automatically lead to damage to children. 

The study conducted detailed statistics and analysis, drawing the conclusion that children participating in light intellectual games can gain some significant benefits. The ability to recognize colors or objects in the surrounding environment is significantly improved. In particular, children’s creative thinking ability is demonstrated through their development of newer ideas.

Increased eyesight – Unexpected benefits of playing games 

Although it seems implausible, it is very convincing, provided you don’t spend too much time constantly looking at the screen. Benefits of playing games really have the ability to improve your own eyesight. 

In a scientific paper published on livescience, they conducted a study that showed that people participating in video games were able to see objects in chaotic environments more clearly. Because when playing, you need to concentrate and observe carefully the small details, from there, you can train the gamer’s brain to recognize finer details in specific situations. 

Increasing thinking ability helps children absorb better 

In series benefits of playing games, has an advantage that always stands out and is easy to impress, which is the ability to expand thinking. Along with that, participants also gain a lot of interesting knowledge. For example, right from learning additional languages ​​such as English, German, Spanish, Chinese,…
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Some entertainments require participants to master terminology, storylines, and all content in English to be able to progress far in the experience. Thus, vocabulary improvement happens naturally, and you have the ability to apply this knowledge in many different situations.

Minimize stress for both mind and health 

An analysis from ECU’s Biofeedback Clinic has shown the important role that your participation in games can play. In particular, reducing stress and supporting the treatment of depression is quite impressive. 

According to the appropriate amount of time for the average person, spending about 20 minutes a day to participate in entertainment can bring relaxation and raise spirits. 


Above is 5 benefits of playing games surprised many people. However, that is completely true if each of us has a healthy, scientifically standard way of entertainment. 

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