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Advancing Molecular Detection: The Innovative Solutions of Sansure Biotech

Sansure Biotech is a prominent company specializing in in vitro diagnostic solutions and is leading the way in molecular detection advancements. Their dedication to making genetic technologies accessible and innovative has resulted in the development of a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art solutions that are transforming the field of molecular detection.

Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy:

Sansure Biotech’s molecular detection technologies have significantly enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Their “One-Tube Fast Release Technology” and “Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology” enable rapid and efficient extraction of nucleic acids from various samples. These technologies offer high sensitivity, wide linear range detection, and strong anti-interference capabilities. By simplifying the extraction process and minimizing manual errors, Sansure Biotech is empowering healthcare professionals to achieve more accurate and reliable diagnostic results.

Streamlining Workflow Efficiency:

Sansure Biotech understands the importance of streamlined workflow efficiency in molecular detection. Their fully automated nucleic acid extraction systems, such as the Natch CS2 and Natch 48, coupled with the “Fully-Automatic Unified Sample Processing Technology,” enable unified and efficient sample processing. This eliminates the need for separate processing of different sample types and significantly improves the efficiency of clinical detection. With Sansure Biotech’s solutions, laboratories can optimize their workflow and deliver faster turnaround times for critical diagnostic results.

Portable Molecular Workstation:

Sansure Biotech’s mPOCT Portable Molecule Workstation, including the Iponatic 3, brings molecular detection capabilities to various settings, including remote areas, emergency rooms, and airports. This portable and intelligent workstation integrates nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification, result interpretation, and report printing into a single device. With the Iponatic 3, healthcare professionals can perform rapid and accurate molecular tests within minutes, enabling timely decision-making and improving patient outcomes.


Sansure Biotech’s innovative molecular detection solutions are transforming the landscape of diagnostics. By combining advanced technologies, streamlined workflows, and portable workstations, Sansure Biotech is empowering healthcare professionals with the tools they need to achieve accurate and efficient molecular detection. With their unwavering commitment to advancing genetic technologies, Sansure Biotech is revolutionizing molecular detection for the benefit of patients worldwide.

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