Mabel’s Labels: 5 Breakfast Meals Children can Learn to Cook Themselves

Phew!! If one is following the master chef not the senior one but The MasterChef Junior, one will know how fine these kids who participated and cooked in the show excelled in the field of culinary skills at such a young age. Season 8 Concluded with Liya Chu, from New York winning the title with Grayson Price from Austin (TX) almost missing it out by a small margin ending as the Runner Up of the show. The Entree and Desserts of these kids were of another level even matching up to some senior chefs. Programs like MasterChef Junior stir up the interest of kids in cooking and trying out new dishes. One can check out Mabel’s Labels discount codes to find an attractive price. Cooking is not just a chore; it is an activity that tends to strengthen the bonds between a parent and child. One can let their kids try to cook by themselves but of course under an adult’s supervision while handling a hot stove and oils. With little help from the parents, the kids can prepare their breakfast meals and it would be a fun activity too. Here are lists of some basic Breakfast meals children can learn to cook by themselves-

The toast and Butter Spread-

The simplest a kid can start from the kitchen is the toasted breakfast. One might need supervision for turning and toasting timer of the bread; otherwise, the kids could easily do these dishes on their own. One can use Mabel’s Labels Coupons and check out the variety of labels kids can use to separate different grocery containers from one another. After the right toast, they can use a dull butter knife carefully to spread the butter all through the bread toast and if one is allergic to nuts and butter, they can always prefer fruit jams and berries for the spread. 

Cereal with milk –

There isn’t a faster and easier breakfast meal other than the cereals served with milk. The children within no time can make themselves a bowl of cereal and pour some milk, cold/warm; it is their preference with ease. One can easily start Mabel’s Labels shopping as the Mabel’s Labels website provides a wide range of labels to sort out everything from kitchen groceries to medicinal cabinets -to sort out the kid’s toys and stuff. Just the parent has to make sure, the bottle of milk is easily accessible to the kid and they can pour the milk into the bowl without any restraint. Kids can add little slices of banana and berries to their bowl of tasty cereal breakfast.

The Oats –Banana Pudding-

Mmm…now that sounds simple yet delicious! The kids can try out the simpler recipe of Oats and Banana. All they need is Oats, slices of banana, a little sweet syrup, vanilla essence, and flax seeds. Take a bowl, put the oats and banana slices together, and mix them with a blender. One can check out Mable’s Labels Deals and purchase labels that kids can use for different activities. Now add the sweet syrup, vanilla essence, and flax seeds and again mix them. Transfer the contents to small jars and keep them refrigerated overnight. The Oats –Banana pudding will not only taste delicious but also be rich in nutrients and fibers, which will keep the kids healthy too.

The Classic Egg Masala-

The main source of healthy proteins is found in the white eggs, which are determinable for the kids’ growth and stamina. The parents can help the kids while taking care of the boiling process of eggs but it would be better if the kids do it themselves but carefully. People can check for Mable’s Labels sales and purchase a different set of labels according to the children’s needs. Once the hard shells of the eggs are removed, they can dice them into pieces. In a pan, let them pour a few drops of oil and put diced onions, tomatoes and veggies and sauté them. Let the kids know about the spices while they put them in the frying pan and toss the veggies. Finally, put the diced boiled eggs to the mix and sauté them on medium flame and turn off the gas. The Classic egg masala is ready and the kids can easily handle the cooking of this breakfast meal. 

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The Delightful waffles-

Most of the kids like pancakes and waffles for their breakfast. Frozen ready-to-go waffles are easily available in the markets. The kids can take out those fresh waffles, heat them in a pan, and put the toppings of their choice with Chocó syrup or maple syrup, and on top of it, they can sprinkle some Chocó nuts to go with them. People can buy an exquisite set of labels using Mable’s Labels coupon codes and help kids arrange the items in the house with proper order. They can also make pancakes, top them off with fruits and berries, and pour a little sugar syrup, and viola, their breakfast meal is ready to go.

The kids like a different kind of activity that tends to evolve them. Cooking is not just a chore but an art that should be taught to kids for their benefit. One can check out Mabel’s Labels offers and purchase creative labels according to their kid’s needs. Sometimes, the parents can get sick or get stuck at the office or somewhere, and then the kids can make their meals which doesn’t involve a lengthy process and satisfy their hunger. People can avail of Mable’s Labels promo codes and purchase a variety of creative labels which will help the kids and parents to sort out things in a fun way. Cooking is an essential survival tool for anyone in this world, so it is better if it is taught at a younger stage of kids’ life just enough to take care of themselves and not depend on others for their meals in their lifetime.

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