What is Dragon Tiger? Instructions for playing Dragon Tiger online at New88

If you have played online casino, you should not miss the Dragon Tiger game. What is Dragon Tiger? Is it good to play Dragon Tiger? Instructions for playing Dragon Tiger online at New88.cc will help you better understand this game worth playing.

What is Dragon Tiger?

In the vast world of lottery and betting games, Dragon Tiger is always the game most people choose. One of the advantages of this sport is that the rules are simple and easy to play. Especially for new players, you should choose to start with this game. But for experienced players, dragon tigers still have their own appeal.

 Play Dragon Tiger using a deck of cards with two Joker cards. The cards are scored accordingly. After the dealer deals the cards, each player will choose which door to bet on. If you choose them you will win the prize. If you choose incorrectly, you will lose your bet. A game takes place quite quickly so players can play many times. Each game contains elements of surprise and drama, so you will never feel bored. Besides, the reward is also very worthy for the winner.

Play Dragon Tiger at New88

As a familiar lottery game, Dragon Tiger is one of the popular games that any bookmaker has. Especially indispensable are Online bookmakers. Nowadays, playing online casino is very popular. Most Dragon Tiger players have switched to this way of playing. Because playing online brings many advantages that traditional playing methods cannot have. There are 4 things to mention:

  •   Safe and convenient: with just a phone or computer, players can play right at any house website. No wasting time for moving. Play the lottery without anyone knowing. All information about registrants and players is kept confidential. Therefore, you can feel completely secure when choosing to play.
  •  Diverse game store, choose games quickly: At a bookmaker, there are many different games taking place regularly. No matter where you are, you can choose any game you love to play. If you want, you can also quickly change to another place.
  • New and unique playing experience: You can not only play alone but also play with many different people around the world. Everyone can also interact and chat especially with games led by MCs.
  • Be proactive when playing: you have full rights to play whenever you want and stop whenever you like. In particular, deposits and withdrawals are guaranteed to be safe to comply with the account owner’s requirements.

 However, in reality, not all bookmakers can guarantee quality and reputation. Many players have encountered scams and untrue information. To best ensure the interests of players, choose a reputable bookmaker immediately. A fair, professional playing field, that isNew88.

Instructions for playing dragon online at New88

First of all, to play Dragon Tiger game as well as all other games at New88, you need a player account. If you don’t have an account, please register now. Signing up is very quick and simple. In addition, after registering an account, you should immediately link it to your bank account or e-wallet so you can deposit and withdraw money quickly.
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 After you have an account, log in to website 789. Log in with your registered account to play. On the interface screen, select Dragon Tiger game. The match appears to the dealer and the girls place their bets.

 The player chooses the bet. You are allowed to bet on one of 3 main doors: dragon door, tiger door, tie door. There are also additional doors that create diversity: odd doors on the dragon side, even doors on the dragon side, odd doors on the tiger side, and even doors on the tiger side.

Choose the bet amount for the bet

 Click confirm and wait for the dealer to deal the cards

 How to calculate points for dragon and tiger cards:

The number of points for each hand is the score of the card dealt to that hand. The number of points is conventionally as follows: K is the largest, A is the smallest: K> Q > J > 10 > 9 > … > 2 > A.

The payout ratio when winning is as follows:

  • Doors: Dragon, Lake, Even Dragon, Odd Dragon, Even Tiger, Odd Tiger all pay 1 to 1
  • Draw: 1 to 8

Above is how to play Dragon Tiger game online. This game is very easy to play and easy to win. Please join the game now

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