Benefits of Saftty’s Thermal Protectors for the Motor and Transformer Industry

One of the greatest methods to protect your equipment from damage is using a thermal protector. Devices called thermal protectors guard against overloads, short circuits, and contact with live components. It is a good idea to protect your equipment because electric motors and transformers are large pieces of hardware that are expensive to replace. Saftty‘s thermal protectors therefore aid in safeguarding your transformers and motors.

Why do the motor and transformer industries select Saftty’s thermal protectors?

Due to their performance, weight, operating range, and temperature range, Saftty’s thermal protectors are advantageous for the motor and transformer industries.

  1. Weight: Saftty’s thermal protectors are relatively lightweight and simple to install in transformers and motors.
  2. Performance: Saftty’s thermal protectors offer exceptional performance and defense against motor and transformer overheating.
  3. Temperature Range: Saftty’s thermal protectors have a wide working range, making them appropriate for use in a variety of applications.
  4. Usability: Saftty’s thermal protectors are simple to use and install, which makes them a great option for the motor and transformer industries.

How can make the Saftty’s thermal protector work better?

Only when used at the stated rated voltage, specified current, and specified temperature can the essential properties of the Saftty’s thermal protector satisfy the design requirements.

The lead wire for the Saftty’s thermal protector must be bent from a location more than 10 mm away from the protector’s root, and it must not be pulled, twisted, or led violently when it is bent for use.

There is non-temperature-sensitive printed text on the Saftty’s  thermal protection model. During assembly, the heating surface of the safeguarded device should be connected to a temperature-sensitive surface.

It is necessary to insulate the metal shell of the Saftty’s thermal protection during installation because it is a charged body. Using our products with insulating sheaths will help prevent insulation failure.


Selecting a thermal protection that complies with vacuum impregnation standards is necessary if you want to employ the vacuum impregnation method. The motor’s bimetal thermal protector from Saftty will, under some circumstances, emit low frequency vibration noise if you have low noise requirements. In light of your various needs, Saftty will satisfy your demands and provide the heat protector you desire.

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